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The Academy Financial Difference

Our goal is to take our clients planning to the next level by looking at your entire financial picture from a cross disciplinary approach. Not just a legal, tax, or investment point of view but across the integration of all three. Our detailed process allows our clients and advisors to identify the planning gaps and opportunities.

Comprehensive Financial Planning Process

Holistic Audit

  • Perform a holistic audit of your current financial situation
  • Examine assets, liabilities, cash flow, liquidity
  • Incorporate previous planning and work with other advisors

Our History

  • Identify our clients’ financial goals and objectives
  • Identify our clients’ financial concerns and challenges
  • Analyze probability of success

Analysis & Design

  • Identify coordination gaps and areas not addressed
  • Perform analysis on clients’ specific planning needs
  • Develop customized financial solutions


  • Walk through the plan in detail
  • Explain all recommendations
  • Develop implementation schedule


  • Coordinate implementation of planning recommendations
  • Act as advocate in the marketplace to find the most appropriate and competitive solutions
  • Provide oversight and follow-up on implementation

Review Process

  • Meet with clients on a regular basis
  • Review investment performance
  • Identify & incorporate changes into planning to maximize probability of achieving goals